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Howdy ya'll!  Welcome to Long Walk Spring Farm!  I'm Faith. I'm a blogger and a woman who farms. And I'm surrounded by my husband and best friend, Bill.  One teen son, Blaine.  A Tween granddaughter, Kaelie.


My husband grew up on this farm.  Me? I am a city girl who spent summers at my grandparent's farm.  We have always wanted to have a small part-time place in the country.  But then, in 2012, I got sick...

What Next?

As the years progressed, I developed not one autoimmune diseases, but three. The family history of  heart disease in my husband's family also loomed in the back of our minds. Every book we read or doctor we talked to told us that I needed whole foods to live and thrive. But, the lack of access to quality, locally grown organic food, and meat was an issue.

A Simpler Life

What's that you say, take a pill, move to a better neighborhood or buy at a big box "organic"  food store.  We tried it all. Nothing worked. And then the light bulb went off. Move to the country. Live a simpler life.  Grow the organic fruits and vegetable that our bodies need. Raise the animals that we will consume. So, my husband retired from his stress filled job of 33 years.  We sold the house and moved 300 miles away to our portion of the family farm.

Back to Our Roots

We have journeyed back to our roots. Moved our little family to the hometown my husband grew up in. Back to a simpler time when these diseases existed but were rarely seen. We're building a home where our kids can hold on to their childhood a bit longer.


Now, don't get me wrong, farm life is long days filled with hard work.  But, I find that every morning a little more stress melts from my body as I breathe in fresh air and watch the sunrise.

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