Circle of Life

Living on a farm , you experience the cycle of life on a daily basis. You know that life is born and evidentially it dies. We learn this in our earliest experience with animals. It is a known fact from your earliest childhood, if you are born, you will one day die. Yet, when something young dies, you feel your heart shatter. Young humans and animals are suppose to grow up and grow old before their lives end. Today, we had our first death on the farm. A chick lost its very young life. As I held it's very limp, fragile body in my hands, I wondered what I could have done to prevent this. I begin to question my very new skills of animal care. Did I somehow cause the death of this baby?

How Does My Garden Grow?

Gardens are simple they said. Just a little work and some seeds, right? Well, not in my world. We started the farm garden with high hopes and dreams of abundance. We quickly realized that our fencing was in ill repair. You cannot have a successful garden without good fencing. PERIOD. Deer, rabbits, possum and hogs are just a few of the forest folk who will come to visit, if your fencing isn't on pointe. Before the plants could go in, we had to install a new fence. I could go deep into the intricacies of fencing, but you'd be sleep because I was, as my husband turned fence nerd on me. What you need to know is that you need a type of fencing called field fencing. Field fencing keeps

Time to Make Way for Ducklings

I live on a farm. Farms have animals, right? I know nothing about raising farm animals because I'm a city girl. But a simple trip to my local Tractor Supply to get fence supplies and now, I'm the proud Momma of four of the cutest ducklings! Ducklings, like chicks, need a place to grow for about 8-10 weeks before they are placed in a permanent space. I had read that I could use a simple plastic container. But my ducklings were going to be different. They deserved the galvanized mansion of a tub. We placed the tub should be in a well ventilated place . The foyer of the cabin became the nursery. Ducklings need to be kept warm. All day and night for the first couple of weeks. There goes

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